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What Are the Different Pilot Licenses?

There are various types of licenses that a pilot can pursue after taking aviation online courses. In addition, you can add varying levels of certifications and ratings to these licenses to get more qualifications. Note that the FAA uses license and certificate interchangeably but they mean the same. Below is a breakdown of the six pilot licenses you can acquire today; let’s take a look. 

  1. Student Pilot License

This is like a learner’s permit for drivers. After your aviation online courses, you’ll have to write an exam, after which you get this license. The student pilot license allows future pilots to act as pilot-in-command for various aircraft categories.

  1. Sport Pilot License

If you’re only looking to fly light sport aircraft, this is the license for you. This license is easier and cheaper to acquire than a private pilot license. They also take less time but don’t come with additional ratings. 

  1. Recreational Pilot License

This type of license is quite similar to a sport pilot license. However, with this license, you can operate heavier and larger aircraft certified under part 23. The main difference between both licenses is the hours you would have to log in after your aviation online courses to apply for the license. The required medical exam also sets the two licenses apart. 

  1. Private Pilot License

PPL is one of the commonest licenses in the United States. It allows pilots to carry several passengers and fly various aircraft types, including high-performance models with high ratings and endorsements. Additionally, this license will enable you to fly in and out of controlled airports outside your home base.

  1. Commercial Pilot Certificate

People think of pilots flying popular airlines as commercial pilots. While this is true, you’ll need an ATP to become a commercial pilot. In addition, if you want to receive payment for your piloting skill, you’ll need this license. 

  1. Certified Flight Instructor Certificate

A certified flight instructor has FAA qualifications to teach others how to fly. With this certificate, you can teach aviation online courses and more. However, a flight instructor must also seek ratings to be qualified to teach others.

Final Thoughts

Two factors determining the pilot license to opt for include costs and goals. Although recreational and sports licenses are the cheapest and easiest to acquire, they only allow you to carry one passenger, and you can receive payment. Aviation online course opens you up to an array of choices where you can determine the right pilot license for you. 

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