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Pasta Varieties You Must Try

Pasta is one of the most loved dishes among others and has got so much hype over the last few years. The most exciting thing about pasta is that they are available in different variety of shapes which makes the experience of cooking and eating pasta more exciting. It is a natural experience that while finding your favorite one you find yourself tripping with even half of the Italian words. Amazingly, a single ingredient can be changed to different shapes and make a completely different-looking meal. This pasta are categorized according to their shapes such as short pasta, sheet pasta, long pasta, dumpling paste, stuffed pasta, and much more.

You should always change the shape of a variety of dishes to give them a new look. We have discussed some of the types of pasta that you must try so let’s look below and enjoy deciding the next one for your meal.

1- Spaghetti

Spaghetti is one of the oldest and most commonly used types of pasta that falls in the category of long pasta. Its shape is long and cylindrical while when we talk about its thickness then its thickness is more than an angel’s hair however it is thinner than bucatini. you can make several dishes using spaghetti but a few of the most cooked dish using spaghetti is meatballs with spaghetti while you can do your innovations too. Purchase this and others at amazing discounted rates by using Migros Kupon Kodu.

2- Pappardelle 

If you think that long pasta is not wider than fettuccine then your thinking will be wrong after trying pappardelle. It is one of the longest and thickest pasta and looks amazing along with rich meat-based dressings. You can mostly use this pasta for making bolognese and seafood-based pasta dishes. You can also use it with various types of wholesome sauces as it is long so go for it and enjoy the shape and taste together.

3- Fusilli       

Fusilli is one of the most attractive short pasta that you will love to eat. It is a spiral-shaped noodle that looks appealing and you can enjoy it with arrabbiata sauce while making it at home or order it at any restaurant. Being spiral in shape it can grab all the extra sauce and dressing in it. It is also one of the sturdy options to be enjoyed with a thick sauce that is meat-based such as marinara. You can use it in pasta salads as well.

4- Lasagne 

You all must have heard about Lasagne as it is one of the most demanding and loved dishes. It is the basic and most common type of sheet pasta that is used to make lasagna. They are flat sheets of pasta and will give you a heavenly taste when combined with a layer of cheese and you can combine the sauce of your choice. You can also opt for different vegan lasagne recipes that are very delicious. I hope you have enjoyed the above-shared information and will get some through it.

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