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How Can You Move Any Shipping Container Homes?

There are plenty of benefits of container homes and they can offer many different perks. Sometimes, it will be ideal to pick up your home and then bring it to a certain new location.

“Ship a Car, Inc” has got experience in shipping such container homes. If you want to contact them then go here and know more about their services.

A compact, modular home is typically simpler to construct than a conventional home. As a result, they are also simpler to demolish and rebuild in a different location.

Although shipping container homes is a complicated procedure and there are many steps to take, however, they are becoming more and more popular.

All sizes of converted container homes can be safely transported on a large fleet of trucks by “Ship a Car, Inc.’ The following four kinds of container homes are regularly transported:

  • 10-foot container homes
  • 20-foot container homes
  • 40-foot container homes
  • 50-foot container homes

How to Ship Container Homes?

Shipping and erecting container homes is simple. It is crucial to understand how those functions, though. A step-by-step guide for shipping container homes is provided below.

  1. Clear out your container home

Take everything out of your container home. Furniture, food, and even personal belongings like clothing are included in these components. To remove any dirt or debris that may have accumulated inside the containers over time, you can either disassemble the containers or use a vacuum cleaner.

If you do not intend to move everything else out, ask your shipping company about securing items with straps, such as furniture

  1. Disassemble the containers

It is time to disassemble your container home when you have removed everything from it. If you make your container detachable, you may quickly disassemble them with a basic flathead screwdriver if you are handy with tools or by hiring a specialist in container homes. After uploading, you may also quickly put them back together.

  1. Choose a proper shipping method

There are several options to choose from if you are exporting Container Homes. Using a truck-based transport provider to pick up and deliver your containers is the most common strategy.

For shorter trips, generally around 200 miles, you can utilize a tilt bed truck, for longer trips, you can use flatbed and step-deck trucks.

You can also utilize a freight firm that specializes in auto transport, but this approach will take longer because the freight business needs to make arrangements for where the vehicles will be kept prior to shipping.

  1. Unload the containers

It is time to unpack those containers once you have decided which shipping option is ideal for you. If a flatbed truck is employed, uploading can be done with a forklift or crane.

Moving the containers into place, you can then use the bolts and threshold plates to reattach them. Then you can re-enter your Container Home with your household goods and personal effects.


At the present, shipping container homes is a popular option, and if you know how it works, you can accomplish it. With the aid of a knowledgeable Container Home Transport Specialist, you can relocate your lovely home to a new location.

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