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Cities and Famous Places in Japan

You can visit Japan for many different reasons. You might be thinking about going to this country in East Asia with the intention of doing business there. Or, you might have long been interested in Japan’s culture or language. If you are only going to be in Japan for a few days, you should probably only plan to take day trips that are close to your hotel then it is advisable to read the Japan tours blog. This is acceptable, and if you have never been to Japan before, you will undoubtedly be able to find local attractions to occupy your time. Here are five cities and attractions in Japan that you should see if you want to make your trip to Japan even more memorable:

  1. Kamakura, close to Tokyo:

The Kamakura Bakufu, or shogunate, resided in the city of Kamakura from 1185 to 1333. One of the world’s most populous cities at one point, this was Japan’s de facto capital. Located just south of Tokyo, Kamakura is now a mid-sized city of approximately 175,000 people. A trip to Kamakura is a must for anyone who will be in or near Tokyo and is interested in ancient Japan and its temples and shrines. It’s easy to make a day trip from Tokyo because it is so close.

  1. Near Hiroshima is the Miyajima Shrine:

Consider going to the island of Miyajima if your trip to Japan takes you to the Hiroshima area. The Itsukushima Shine’s famous torii gate is what makes it famous. During high tide, the gate appears to be floating on top of the water because its bottom is submerged in water. It is regarded as one of Japan’s three best views.

  1. Sendai’s Ichinoboh Onsen: 

Sendai is a large city on the main island of Honshu in the north of Japan. A wonderful example of a Japanese onsen, or hot spring, can be found there. Japanese and foreign tourists alike consistently give the Ichinoboh Onsen very high marks. Make sure to check out any one of the thousands of onsen in Japan if you are unable to travel all the way up to Sendai during your visit. Visiting an onsen will give you a more authentic Japanese experience.

  1. East Garden of the Tokyo Imperial Palace in Tokyo: 

Your trip to Japan will most likely take you to Tokyo. If this is the case, take a local train to Tokyo Station or Otemachi Station and walk to the East Garden of the Tokyo Imperial Palace. Every day, with the exception of Mondays and Fridays, it is open to the public. The garden is kept in excellent condition. Visiting the Palace during the cherry blossom season is especially appealing. Free entry is available.

  1. Osaka’s National Bunraku Theater:

The Japanese term for a particular type of traditional puppet theater is “bunraku.”In Osaka, these unique puppet shows were first staged in 1684. You can see elements of old Japan from the Edo Period mixed with modern theater technology at a performance. Visit the National Bunraku Theater in Osaka for a bunraku show to get a taste of traditional Japan. During your next trip to Japan, make sure to visit at least one of these five well-known Japanese landmarks.

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